1 - Addendum Drafting.png

ADDENDUM DRAFTING | 1 hour Core Credit

Learn to write an Addendum as simply and plainly as possible. Understand the law including what rights and privileges of real estate law are required. Outline the essential considerations an agent needs to consider before drafting the addenda in addition to the objectives a client will have. Different state-approved forms are covered and outlined with various case studies.

2 - Marketing Compliance.png


Understand how the real estate division defines advertising—what requirement and restrictions an agent should be aware of when they are advertising a listing—using a variety of different case studies to illustrate which agents will commonly break—the structure which provides agents the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the rules with an attorney.

3 - Procuring Cause.png

PROCURING CAUSE | 1 hour Core Credit

Learn how the state defines Procuring Cause and how that affects an agent in any point of sale. Using the Code of Ethics discuss the boundaries concerning having Multiple Listing Service. Learn more about the Threshold, Contract, and Agency Rules. Breaks in Continuity including Abandonment and Estrangement Considerations.

4 - REPC.png

MASTERING THE REPC | 1 hour Core Credit

Do you know all the changes made to the REPC? We'll review the changes for Earnest Money, Inclusions, Special Assessments, Rentals/Leases, Seller's Disclosures, changes to Financing Conditions, and Issues no longer applicable to the final inspections.

7 - Multiple Offers.png

MULTIPLE OFFERS | 1 hour Elective Credit

Dealing with multiple offers on a single property can be challenging to navigate. In this course, we cover various tips and tricks for how best to help your seller make the right decision, ethically.

8 - Seller Financing.png

SELLER FINANCING | 1 hour Elective Credit

Discuss what the benefits of your seller financing the sale of a property are. Cover the pros and cons for both buyers and sellers and the circumstances when this is a good idea. Also, cover the ethics involved in this type of agreement.

9 - Seller's Disclosures.png

SELLER’S DISCLOSURES | 1 hour Elective Credit

Clearly define the Division' s rules regarding confidentiality and disclosures to 3rd parties, in addition to the Agent's duty as well. Provide information about how to advise sellers and buyers in situations dealer with property conditions. The course also outlines how an agent keeps themselves safe as well by limiting their liability when the seller will not accurately disclose information.

6 - Divorce & Real Estate.png

DIVORCE & REAL ESTATE | 1 hour Core Credit

Divorce can be an emotional experience for anybody. When an agent is approached by an individual who is getting a divorce there was some questions they need to ask themselves and their potential client before listing anything. This class is designed to help agents feel out these tough situations with getting caught up in the drama of it all.

5 - Death & Real Estate.png

DEATH & REAL ESTATE | 1 hour Core Credit

When it comes to expecting the unexpected there’s a lot that is said, but we often feel very flustered when we are living it. Our Death and Real Estate class is designed to help provide meaningful information about how to deal with the question of property holdings with a friend or family member passes away. We discuss wills, trusts, and other means by which individuals can leave their possessions, and how Agents should proceed when working with the properties of those who are deceased.






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